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Kasganj riots victim is in ICU, needs our support.

Personal Disaster Relief

HIS SKULL WAS SMASHED DURING KASGANJ RIOTS. He is still in Coma and his family now needs our help.





  • UPDATE: Chhotan may never be able to work again

    by CrowdNewsing on March, 16 2018



    It's been more than a month but unfortunately Chhotan Qureshi is yet to show any signs of progress. The muscle loss is visible and doctors don't believe he will be able to work again. We have raised more than 9 lakh rupees and Chhotan's wife and two children are hoping to set up a shop in their village. A little more support can really help. 

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About the Fundraiser

Let's show Chhotan - victim Of Kasganj riots - that we care.


For two days his family had managed to convince him to stay at home to avoid the violence that had erupted on Republic Day at Kasganj. But on day 3, Chottan and his family were now staring at empty vessels. His wife Shehnaz had run out of excuses to give to their young son and daughter, as well as the three children of his deceased brother.

Riots or not, for poor daily wagers with meagre incomes, staying at home without work is never an option.

On the afternoon of January 28, Chhotan, aged 45, left his home in Ganj Dundwara near Kasganj to earn a living selling chickens on a bicycle.

When he failed to return by nightfall, his wife alerted neighbours who set out in a jeep to search for him. Hours later, they finally found him lying in bushes on the road side in Chittera.

Chhotan had a head injury and has since been admitted to the ICU of the JN Medical College Hospital, Aligarh. He had to undergo brain surgery and was on a ventilator. He is now off the ventilator but is still in a critical condition.

Now his wife Shehnaz is trying to manage the hospital and her children. They have no source of income and they are living off the food provided by their neighbours. It's moments like these which demand the coming together of all of us to support those who need it the most. 

Let's contribute whatever we can to support this family. This will send out two messages - one to those who think Kasganj is no more in the news and that it's easy for people to forget and move on. And two - to those who think its easy to divide us with fabricated stories and a fake news propaganda. 

We are hoping to raise 10 lakh rupees because doctors say even if Chhotan survives, it is likely that he will suffer severe disabilities as a result of injuries to the frontal lobe, a part of brain that controls motor functions, memory and language among other things.

Chhotan has received no help whatsoever from the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Till now, the police has made no efforts to even identify his attackers and arrest them. Chhotan was not part of any procession or riot – he is lying unconscious, his head grievously injured, only because he is a poor Muslim who needed to earn a living. 

Help his family by making a contribution. This campaign is being coordinated by the All India People's Forum (AIPF). The case of Chhotan has so far escaped most media headlines and you can read up more about AIPF's fact-finding report on Kasgunj here:


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