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Film-maker behind 'Muzaffarnagar Baki Hai' is setting up a media centre in Western UP to counter online hate propaganda.


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Since the riots in Muzaffarnagar, UP in 2013, Uttar Pradesh has witnessed rampant attacks on Muslims, Dalits, women and other vulnerable groups. It's clear that Western Uttar Pradesh specifically is now a communal and caste tinder box. 

All this is a result of a well tuned, well organized network of WhatsApp messages and propaganda material that is circulated across the region by hate factories, created with the singular aim of polarising the society.

So what do we do? How do we create a counter culture that can offer an alternative narrative to the most vulnerable sections of the society? Unfortunately, there are no short cuts.

When film maker Nakul Singh Sawhney made the acclaimed Muzaffarnagar Baki Hai, we got a glimpse of how hate factories were established all across western UP to polarise society ahead of elections. His films on Kairana, Bhim Army and other films under the banner of Chal Chitra Abhiyan have given us a sense of the scale of this crisis. 

And now he is trying to create a grassroot media centres in various parts of Western Uttar Pradesh where local activists and filmmakers will be trained on creating counter-narrative and then distributing it across the region through existing networks and WhatsApp groups.

This will be our answer - our own Anti-Hate factories. The project has already received a strong response - a large number of locals have already signed up, and our stories are changing mainstream narratives.

Surprisingly large number of women have expressed their willingness to participate.

The only thing missing is funds. And thats where we all chip in. Any contribution - big or small - will be extremely crucial in changing the conversation. Maybe we, together, will be able to change the narrative of Western UP - from Hate to Love.


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