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Help Kathua and Unnao victims get Justice

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Like the Kathua victim, the Unnao survivor is still awaiting justice. Her father was killed for demanding justice.






About the Fundraiser


We first thought 10 Lac rupees would be a decent amount for the Kathua family. Then we raised another 10 Lacs for the Unnao rape survivor. But since a lot of people are writing in and still wanting to contribute to the campaign, we have decided that whatever amount is raised, it will finally be distributed equally between the two families. Congratulations. We did it.

A legal fund for Kathua Rape and murder victim

The rape-and-murder of a eight year old nomadic Muslim Bakerwal community girl is finally receiving the attention that it deserves. 

The chargesheet filed in the case has revealed some chilling details about how the girl was allegedly kidnapped, drugged, raped before being killed.

While the state government says it will not allow the law to be obstructed, her family has little hope that justice will be delivered in the case. They have even left the village.
The fact that lawyers in Jammu tried to prevent the Crime Branch from filing a chargesheet in the case has only raised more concerns.

The family now believes the only way they can get justice is if the case is moved out of Jammu. But this wont be easy. The family will need legal support and resources to pursue this case from another city.

The Lawyer Deepika Rajawat and her team have been fighting against odds to pursue the case, but even they feel once the attention from the case is gone, things may get difficult.

This is where we, the people of this country come in. If we could raise enough funds for the family and create a legal fund for them, there is a good chance that the family will have the resources they need to continue their quest for justice.

The CrowdNewsing community has helped fellow citizens like Ankit Saxena's family and Afrazul Khan's family raise the funds they needed to try and live a dignified life.

Let's come together for this little child.

(Only accepting contributions from Indian Nationals. Funds will be sent directly to the families).

  • UPDATE 6

    by CrowdNewsing on April, 21 2018



    Dear Contributors,

    Thank you so much for your patience. As informed earlier, both the families - Kathua and Unnao did not have bank accounts when the campaign started.
    It took them some time to get them made and we finally have the bank account details. We are now waiting for PAN card details of the two families, which we are hoping will come through by the end of the coming week. 

    The entire amount raised - 40.62 lacs - is kept safely in an RBI-approved Escrow account that is being operated by Ketto - the crowdfunding platform that hosted this campaign.
    The organisation has helped thousands of Indians raise funds with complete transparency and accountability.

    We request all of you to not pay heed to any rumour mongering and hate campaigns against those who are trying to help these families. Please read the previous updates to understand the process.

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  • UPDATE 5

    by CrowdNewsing on April, 19 2018



    Following up on the update from Wednesday, this is how it will be done. 

    We are waiting for the two families to send us the paperwork. We have received the account details of the Unnao family but they are getting a PAN card made.

    The Kathua families are getting a joint account made, along with a PAN card. Funds will be transferred as soon as these papers are in place.

    Total amount of 40.62 Lakhs will be sent to the two families in two equal parts. 
    (This will exclude
    - GST @18%,
    - Digital marketing expenses @3%,
    - Technology and Payment gateway costs @5%
    - CrowdNewsing Commission @ZERO)

    We want to once again make it very clear - none of those involved in the case - lawyers, activists or campaigners are getting a single rupee from this fund. It's a fund that is meant to secure the future of the two families, and that's what everyone involved in this campaign wants.

    We will update you once the process is complete. We will be visiting the families along with a team of contributors who will be observing the process (read previous Update). We will also be releasing pictures & videos of the same when it is done.

    Thank you for your contribution and your support.

    (We are trying our best to not Spam you with updates, but this was important)

    Did you know that every FB share gets 1 more donation.
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